Evangeline Country Cat Fanciers

is using the TICA Online Entry System (TOES) for its show.

Please go to the TOES home page (https://www.i-tica.com/en/).
Sign in to your account.
Once signed in, click on the show calendar link.
The show calendar list shows by date.
Please scroll down to our show and click on it to enter your cats.

(Note: You must be signed into TOES in order to enter your cats from the show calendar.)

If you have questions, please contact the entry clerk.

If you do not want to enter your cats via TOES, please go to http://www.tica.org/images/pdf/forms/club/official_entry_form.pdf.
Download the form, fill it out, and mail, fax, or e-mail it to the entry clerk.

If you are not familiar with TOES:

There is a YouTube webinar available that walks people through setting up a TOES account.
Thanks to Liz Hansen (TICA GL Region) for creating it.

Vanadis Crawford (TICA SE Region) has put together a series of Q&As that can help you
find shows in TOES, input your cat's information, enter shows, and do a few other things as well.
For those of you who have not used TOES before, or have been having challenges with certain TOES functions, please go to http://vanadis.cnc.net/QuestionsandanswersregardingTOES.pdf
(Note: This document focuses on things exhibitors need to do. It does not address what
entry clerks or show managers do.)

If you are a first time TOES user, we think you will find the above information very helpful.


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